How to give your friends the ultimate birthday gift for 2022

How to give your friends the ultimate birthday gift for 2022

When you think about the birthday of a friend in 2022, you can afford to spend a little more time to make sure it’s something that they will love.

That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge amount on something you can’t afford financially. It’s more about finding that special gift that shows you know them better than most. It can also be a chance to show what they mean to you as a friend.

There is something about a birthday gift that is different to getting a Christmas present. In many ways, finding the right birthday gift is a more personal matter. This is when you demonstrate a deeper understanding of who they are and what their special interests.

Where a Christmas present can be more generic, it’s a birthday gift that illustrates your friendship and how well connected you are.

A birthday gift they are interested in

Receiving a gift that means something to you can be a very touching and even humbling experience. That’s where you realise that someone knows you better than you realise.

How do you find that special gift for a friend?

It’s a good idea to make a quick list of what they like and their interests, especially a passion they follow.

If they are a sports lover, then here is your chance to get their favourite basketball jersey design, maybe in the full uniform including the right basketball shorts. You could even go as far as to have their name printed on the jersey if it is a special birthday.

What if that favourite sport of theirs is less glamorous. It doesn’t matter if it is chess, lawn bowls or snooker, there is always a great gift idea that can set your present apart. 

Maybe you and a few friends and family could pool your money and buy a snooker table together. Maybe you could hire a snooker venue for a special party as a gift. A snooker cue with a proper case is another great idea for someone who loves the game.

Whatever the sport or their interests, the only limit to a great gift is your own imagination.

Maybe sport isn’t their thing but they love a particular hobby.

Some of the hottest hobbies of 2022

If you’re not 100% sure of your friend’s interests, there’s a few hobbies that are usually a guaranteed winner.

The long list of hobbies that are growing in popularity include:

  • Reading (this could be because of lockdowns, but a good book is a great gift especially if it relates to the birthday person in a strong way)
  • Chess (yes, it’s because of the hit The Queen’s Gambit, but it is also a good way to get the grey matter working and you don’t have to be a champion to enjoy the game)
  • Knitting (believe it or not, there is a major push for handicrafts and knitting has a big time buzz going for it. There’s no great expense, it’s time off from technology and it is a great way to create and de-stress at the same time. The best part is that nearly anyone can learn it.
  • Collecting (it might sound a bit lame, but there is some serious time and even money in becoming a collector. There is not just stamps and coins to collect, but almost anything imaginable including drink coasters, old photos, toys, model cars, or niche items like cigars, cigar tins or a cigar cutter collection, even really oddball things like ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs)
  • Music (this can be anything from learning an instrument to collecting sheet music or vinyl records)

Your friend’s birthday gift can be anything that reflects their special interest or hobby. Asking another close friend or relative for their opinion on your gift idea can help reassure you that you’re on the right track.

A Doing Gift

If it is hard to find a special item that shows what your friend means to you, then having them experience something can be a brilliant gift.

Whilst people may remember who gave them what for their birthday, it is easy to forget after a certain time. That’s where an experience can be longer lasting and sometimes more rewarding.

It doesn’t need to be something overly expensive or a once in a lifetime thing like a hot air balloon ride either.

Tickets to a concert or gig by one of their favourite artists, comedians, a special art exhibition or even a specially catered picnic can be a wonderful way to remember someone’s birthday.

You could even get a crew together and organise a party or celebration with help from a Melbourne entertainment company. This could be a DJ playing favourite hits, a band or duo, as well as select add-ons like a photo booth, a magician, psychic or cartoonist.

The entertainment team can take you through what they can do to make the occasion a personalised and truly memorable one for everyone.

The personal touch for a 2022 birthday 

With all that has gone on over the last few years, 2022 is a great time to take a moment to reflect and make note of the special people in your life.

When you are writing out or seeing the calendar remind you that a friend’s birthday is coming up, give yourself a little extra time to think of an extra special gift for them.

It doesn’t need to cost the earth to show someone what they mean to you. A personalised card with your own words is often a more meaningful than an expensive perfume, piece of jewellery or costly gift card.

With the recent lockdowns and lack of precious face to face time, just the chance to go somewhere or spend time with a friend on their birthday can mean the world to them.

Inviting them over for a special afternoon tea or organising a surprise dinner with other close friends can make their 2022 birthday one that they remember for a long time and for all the right reasons.