Things to consider to build a man cave

Things to consider to build a man cave

So, what is a “man cave?”

It’s an amusing (and slightly sarcastic) moniker for a “men’s retreat.”

Since the dawn of time, males have sought solitude and seclusion to escape the pressures of everyday life. If you’re looking for a place to build, fix, or break things, this is where you do it.

If you’re looking for a quiet retreat where you can work on model aeroplanes and brew your own beer, restore vintage automobiles, play darts, shoot pool, or play Scalextric, you’ve come to the right place.

The term “man cave” has just been coined to describe this unique area.

Usually found in a basement, garage, or shed, creating the ideal man cave seems easy – but there are a lot of things to consider, not just where to keep those vital spare air compressor parts – or even the portable air compressor itself.

We’re going to run through some ideas on how to create your own sanctuary from the daily grind.

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It is possible to make man caves that are used for multiple purposes, or you can design a man cave for a specific reason – say, somewhere to relax with a whiskey and smoke your favourite cigars, in comfort. There you can create a special place for your cigar collection that has all the accessories, including a humidification pouchcigar cutter and much more to help you enjoy the experience.

If you plan to use your man cave for anything other than a place to relax, the project’s requirements will be different. Putting some thought into how and what you want to use your man cave for is time well spent.

Man caves come in many varieties.

Here are a few examples of how a man cave could be put to good use:

● Workshop

● Studio/jam area for recording

● Cinema/games room

● Office/studio to work from home

● Gym

● Table tennis/pool/darts etc – dedicated area

● Bar/pub/microbrewery

Whatever you decide to use it for, your man cave relies on the amount of space you have. Man caves sometimes take the form of converted garages or sheds, but basements and cellars are also common.

Creating a man cave in the basement has many advantages, including the ability to provide the ultimate escape. Imagine your dingy, cobweb-infested cellar, which has served as a dumping ground for decades, being transformed into a relaxing retreat.

Basement and cellar conversions are becoming increasingly popular, bringing much-needed room and extra value to houses. Creating a man cave in your basement is a smart financial move.

For underground computer sleuthing, for example, a basement is the best location. You can search the internet to get valuable insights about various products. 

As well as using the internet connection for work or shopping, you also have the option of creating a home theatre and gaming area with wide screens and surround sound systems.

If you need to remodel your basement, consult an architect or good builder on basement remodelling. They’ll know all the information you need, from planning and applications, to how to damp proof your equipment to keep it safe and dry.

Basements are often damp and neglected, so waterproofing and sealing are essential. A method called “tanking” does this. This is where a material that is impervious to water is applied to the floors, ceiling, and walls of a basement area so water cannot penetrate.

If the area is prone to flooding, it might be well worth considering some kind of arrangement to pump away excess water.

Once this is done, you can consider things like flooring. A very popular and cost-effective DIY solution these days is that of underfloor heating.

This comes in two forms: electric cables which heat and distribute warmth through the floor material or pipes with heated water running through them, which acts like a very long and wide radiator.

Of the two, the electrical cable version is the most expensive to run.

Creating a man cave out of an ordinary garage is much easier than a basement. These areas are often a dumping ground for household things that aren’t used too often – so, as long as you have somewhere else to keep them, you can make use of the space while having all the necessities to serve as a refuge from the strains of daily life.

You should go all out with your garage man cave ideas. Garages are great and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including a gym, a workshop, a bar, or a games room. 

Single-car garage man caves are a great option because they don’t require a lot of space.

As with the basement (above), you must first seal off the garage to prevent water from coming in before converting it.

Garages are not the best-insulated buildings in the world, so look at adding insulation to the walls and roof space – even the floor, before you finish and decorate the interior.

It’s also a good time to look at the power supply and networking if you want to run Wi-Fi or satellite communications into the garage.

Another great man cave idea is to use an existing shed or have a new one built. There are some amazing deals on pre-constructed buildings – or they’re available in kit form, which any competent DIY person could put together.

The secret behind any shed is to have a good concrete base on which to fix it. Most sheds are of wooden frame construction with plastic or wooden cladding for walls and tile or corrugated roof construction.

Again – power supply and networking are important factors to plan in. This is especially so if you are going to set up a home office or working space in the shed.

Sheds can make fantastic workspaces – they’re usually just a short commute across the garden – and for those with small (or even slightly bigger) children, can be a haven of quiet to work on those lead sources or plan out your next cold calling scripts.

The pandemic has introduced us to a whole new way of working – so if you have the spare space inside or outside the home and it’s not being utilised, now might be the time to sort out that “men’s retreat.”

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